How to get employees on board with your marketing strategy

Published: September 2019

A great marketing strategy requires everyone on board and supporting your vision.

When all employees support a brand and a marketing strategy – it comes through in how they communicate with clients and each other. You can’t bear the weight of a brand on your own shoulders. Everyone needs to support the company’s image for it to be truly authentic and effective.

It sounds straightforward but making that happen can be a huge challenge. Each employee has their own role, their own goals and more than enough work of their own to do. So it can be a stretch to expect them to care about your marketing strategy vision.

It’s not impossible, however.

Here are our top tips in getting everyone on board with your marketing strategy – from finance to IT.


Be transparent

If you’re planning on revamping the website or refreshing the brand, you shouldn’t keep that information to yourself. Every employee sees the company they work for as something they have contributed to – so it can be upsetting to see a huge change without being informed. Don’t just announce a brand refresh when it has been signed off, approved and completed, or let your employees know about the new website the day it goes live – introduce them to your plans to make changes well in advance.


Explain your reasoning behind your marketing strategy decisions

Your colleague two desks down wants to start up a Twitter account for the business (or maybe they’ve already done it without you knowing!). You may well want to issue a firm no, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them some reasons why or offer a compromise. If a colleague wants to get involved on social, that’s great! It shows that they are eager and passionate about promoting the business, even if they are stepping on your territory. Nurture that interest and direct them to a project you’re comfortable with them taking on, rather than shoot them straight down.


Get them involved

Your colleagues carry knowledge of the business that maybe you don’t. Shouldn’t that be shared in a blog post? Maybe an ’employee spotlight’ section in the newsletter? Your colleagues can offer lots of insight that your audience will enjoy. If they aren’t confident writers – don’t worry. Ask them to make a start and once all their thoughts are on the page, you can begin to edit it into something a bit more professional. Don’t forget to offer them lots of praise as soon as their blog is live – maybe an email round the office thanking them for their fantastic input. It might encourage other employees to step forward and take part!


Share your marketing strategy

Maybe the reason your colleagues aren’t exactly on board with your marketing strategy is because you haven’t actually shared it with them! If it is a huge document that they’ll probably ignore, why not condense it into what they need to know and share it in way that is easy to digest? Hold a staff meeting and talk about what you’re trying to achieve on behalf of the company and how everyone can help.


Ask for their feedback

This can be a bit of a tough one, especially when you’ve poured your heart and soul into a marketing plan that you truly believe in. It can be hard to hear feedback from people who may not understand the work that’s gone into the strategy you’ve created, but it’s important to remember that everyone has a stake in the company’s success, so your colleagues need to be confident that your strategy will be effective. However, your colleagues could be very useful to you if you allow them to give feedback. Let everyone test out the new website before it is live – they may spot issues you haven’t noticed. Rather than show them one brand colour scheme and ask if they like it, show them several options and ask which they like best. A fresh pair of eyes on your work can be more useful than you think!


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