The ‘Full Screen’ Experience

Published: August 2015

Creative web design – it’s something that doesn’t have many limitations nowadays, and thanks to higher resolution screens and increasing internet speeds, web designers are coming up with stunning visual ideas that make the most of their online space.

Full screen websites are those that fill the entire browser window no matter what the screen resolution. Some websites rely on a flexible layout to stretch across the browser window, while others use large, fixed size images to produce full backgrounds.

Oversized background images can have a more visual impact than the traditional tiled background graphics and scrollable sites, which is why we are seeing an influx of these horizontal, image led designs.

Much like watching a movie in the cinema instead of your TV at home (which never really has the same effect, does it?); these full screen websites are all about creating impact and heightening user experience.

Here are a few of our favourite ‘full screen’ website experiences which you can gleam inspiration from.


  1. A Book of Beards’ by Justin James Muir – this website was initially started up to raise funds for the author’s chosen charity. The visual impact of the full screen close-up beard is fantastic (so much so the male UR team members are rather jealous of his impressive beard and want to buy the book)! Job done!

apple uk full screen site

  1. Apple – Could we really have a list without Apple when it comes to being top of digital trends? No, we couldn’t. Their signature minimal ‘clinical’ branding design paired with a stunning high res image needs no explanation, and works.

citroen ds5 full screen design

  1. Citroen DS5 – The website for Citroen DS5 is minimal, sleek and desirable – exactly how the manufacturer would sell the car we’d imagine. The dark photography and colours actually makes a stand out site.

roux at parliament square full screen website design

  1. Roux at Parliament Square – Sumptuous, decadent, elegant – just 3 words that spring to mind when clicking on the first page of Michel Roux Jr’s swanky London restaurant site. This image led design has you tasting the canapés and sipping the champagne with the click of a mouse.

buffalo full size design

  1. Buffalo Clothing – Outdoor clothing specialists Buffalo have created this full screen site design which encompasses the versatility and the durability of their jackets and other products. Designed to withstand the elements, these images certainly set the scene for the user.

Urban River

  1. Urban River – As you can see, our website has had a bit of a makeover and the design is influenced by the way people are viewing our site. Whether that is on a mobile, tablet or desktop, our full screen, image led design is inspired by these creations and the changes that are going on around us, and we’re very happy with the outcome.

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