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Published: December 2015

Given the explosion of social media marketing in the past few years, you’d struggle to find a company that’s not on Twitter. This is all well and good right? Well, that depends. Ask yourself this question, “Why should we be on (insert any social media website here)?” If your answer is “because our competitors are”, you’re wrong. Here, we discuss growing your twitter followers by using Followerwonk.

Beginning down the path social media marketing without a clear plan of action, will just end in infrequent engagement and eventual apathy. Business development, social CRM, branding, all these things and more need considering before launch. Most importantly though, remember It’s called social media for a reason, the clue is in the name. No one is interested in a Twitter feed broadcasting your brilliance and link after link to your product/ services pages. You’ll be on the path to an ‘unfollow’ in no time. Engage your audience, Share your insights…… Talk to people!

This is when you reach the barrier of “but what we do is boring. We’re in a niche market, who is going to be interested in what I have to say. What’s the point?” Well, I hope to show just how easy it is to find customers to connect and retain, prospects to engage and develop, competitors to share insights and thoughts with.

Followerwonk is a great tool from MOZ. Aside from analysing your own account, the quality of your followers, the strength of your account compared to a competitor. Its ‘Twitter Bio Search’ is where is true value lies.

Here is an example. For those of you who don’t know, firstly where have you been?! #northeasthour is a twice weekly Twitter chat that is now officially the biggest in the country. Its aim through the northeasthour hashtag, is to allow companies across the North East to connect, retweet, network and share their business with others in the region. What’s the aim? To promote the region with one key aim ‘to buy local’.

A quick search on Followerwonk for northeasthour gives us this list

NorthEastHour Twitter

Here is a list of every Twitter account that uses Northeasthour in its Twitter bio. All companies that you might want to approach as prospects, or just share your experiences as a North East business.

Now what about your niche? Are you looking for a wedding venue you can approach to potentially supply your products to? Do a search. Here’s the results for ‘wedding venue Newcastle’ in England.

Wedding venue newcastle followerwonk

Maybe you’re looking for subcontractors, maybe your looking to find trade organisations, specialists in your industry? All searches can be sorted by influence, algorithmically showing just who Twitter thinks you should be connecting with.

It also shows how old the account is, the last time they tweeted and their follower count.

Followerwonk does have its limitations as it can only search Twitter Bios, but this will only grow as more people add keywords to their descriptions. As a tool for researching prospects and connections, it’s a great addition to support any Twitter marketing strategy. Take a look and it may just open your eyes to a world where your niche is what everyone is talking about.

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