How to improve efficiencies in an estate agent

Published: May 2018

Any estate agent will tell you that time is money and using that time well is key to making sales and increasing profits. So how do you improve efficiencies in an estate agent?

All in one approach

You probably have various different spreadsheets, databases and contact lists for current clients and houses, prospective buyers, landlords and tenants along with financial software to manage payments and a separate website to entice customers in.

There will be a diary to manage viewings, email marketing software and a whole host of other tools to assist you in your day to day role.

Combining all of these into one easy to use system will save hours in training. As well as provide efficiencies in cross referencing all of the various elements needed from first viewing to completion.

Workflow management

With everything in one place, workflow management becomes a lot easier. You know all the steps in the process however with all of your information in various systems, it is easy to lose track of where you are.

Tasks can be automatically allocated to the correct agent and a timeline giving a clear of view of all tasks. Dates will be available with reminders set if tasks are not completed. Once they are completed they can be automatically passed on to whoever needs to deal with the next stage.

Some of the tasks could be automated such as contacting the customer via email. Or text when a property matching their search criteria is met. A follow-up call could then be scheduled in, possibly with an automated phone dialler, to add the human touch.

Stunning website

There’s a lot of competition out there so your website needs to not only be eye-catching but have a positive user experience and user journey. With the majority of house hunters viewing your website via smartphones or tablets, responsive design is crucial.

It is also imperative that your website is easy to update. With simple to use templates to add all the relevant details photos etc without needing a degree in computing.

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Analysing performance

By implementing workflow management and keeping all customer information in one place it becomes a lot easier to monitor performance and Return on Investment (ROI) on marketing.

A simple dashboard could give you ‘at a glance’ views. Telling you how well your approach is working and you can adapt it accordingly.

Setting objectives can help focus the mind and linking them into workflow management can give you that extra push that you need to meet your targets.

Eliminate distractions

We all love social media and flicking between software applications leads to the temptation of checking on what’s happening on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Before you know it half an hour will be lost. So having all your tasks in one place helps to avoid the risk of time wasted online.

There are a number of very good productivity improvement tools online to help improve efficiencies in an estate agent but be careful that you don’t overdo it as they can be a distraction in themselves.

To know more about how Newcastle web design and marketing company Urban River can help your estate agent improve efficiencies, contact us today.

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