How to keep your website secure

Published: July 2017

Top tips to keep your website secure

In a time of advancing technology, it’s vital you keep your website secure. Hackers are constantly developing new methods of getting hold of personal data and destroying your website. Follow our tips to start keeping your website secure.

Keep software up to date

Hackers are quick to jump on any out of date software. Therefore, it’s vital you make sure all your software is recent with the latest security updates to keep your website secure. Especially if you are using any third party software, such as forums or messaging systems. However, fortunately most providers will notify you as soon as a security patch is available, so make sure you update as soon as possible.


It might sound really obvious, but you would be surprised at how many of us have poor passwords. It’s not too difficult for a hacker to find out your date of birth, or the name of your child. So please avoid these obvious choices. Setting yourself a strong password of eight or more characters, with symbols and capital letters will protect you, your website and those that use it. Maybe your website has a login capability for users. Can you imagine if a hacker got into your admin controls and took all that data? Doesn’t bear thinking about.
It’s also worth encouraging your website users to keep strong passwords too. If their accounts with you are hacked into, it’s you they are likely to blame. Protect your data, and help your customers to protect theirs.

Https and SLL certificates

If your website’s users are likely to provide any sensitive or financial information – it’s important that you use HTTPS to deliver it. Customers will be able to spot that HTTPS is enabled in the top left corner of their screen. It usually turns green to let them know that it’s safe to share information. Not only that, but Google will boost you in search rankings if you use HTTPS.

You should also invest in an SSL certificate if you require users to hand over details of their bank account. It isn’t that expensive – and the level of trust a customer will hand over to you in return is priceless.

Use a dedicated email address

Is your email address login for the admin section of your website the same address listed on the contact page? That’s half the work done for hackers. You’re also opening yourself up to more devious tactics. Such as, phishing emails and scams, to get hold of your admin password!

Add software for more security

There’s plenty of plugins and addons to protect your website’s security. Spend some time shopping around. Invest in an extra security layer to protect your website. It’s worth putting a little time and money into!

Keep yourself informed

Tech is forever changing – and because of that hackers are coming up with more ingenious ways of scamming their way into your website! Try and stay a step ahead of them at all times. Do this by reading tech blogs, latest security news and more will help you understand what you need to watch out for. You’ll find the latest reviews for the best website security too.

Back-up regularly

Sometimes you can do everything in your power to protect your website. However, the hackers find a way in anyway. Keeping everything backed-up means that if the worst comes to worst, you’ve limited how painful it can be.

Secure your website

We build secure websites that keep your data safe every day. We provide software updates, secure hosting, SSL certificates and daily back ups to keep your website secure. If you want to ensure your website is built to last with strong security defences – you need to speak to us. Contact our Newcastle web design agency now

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