Reasons to have a responsive website

Published: May 2017

A responsive website is a must

Your website is looking great…but only on a desktop computer. In fact, on mobile it’s pretty much unusable. But that doesn’t matter, right? Wrong. You could be missing out if your business hasn’t got a responsive website.

55% of website traffic is from mobile devices

That’s a pretty huge number. You could potentially be losing over half of your website visitors, and nobody wants that!
But who says that those people are necessarily shopping? They might be watching videos, playing games…

Gateshead Business

80% of consumers regularly use their smartphones to shop online

You have a large amount of customers to gain by making your website responsive. Not only that, but mobile consumers respond to an ad a day faster on average than desktop consumers.

However, a customer will only purchase from you if they trust you (this next statistic might surprise you).

Responsive website

94% of people said web design was their reason for mistrusting or rejecting a website

Bad web design isn’t just a reason to dislike a website, it can be a reason not to trust it! It might seem a bit of a strange thing to lose trust in a company for, but with so many scam websites out there it can make many people quite paranoid online. 61% of people have a better opinion of brands if they offer a good mobile experience, so you have plenty to gain from making your website mobile friendly.

44% of people will tell a friend if they have a poor experience with a website

So not only can you lose a customer through a website that isn’t responsive, but you might lose their friends too – before they’ve even had a chance to look at what you do! You could fall out of favour with Google too…

Mobile friendly websites are moved higher up mobile Google search rankings

It’s so important that your customers can find your website quickly and easily. It would be such a shame if your competitor was chosen over you solely because they were found first due to their responsive website! We don’t want to watch that happen, which is why all of the websites we create are completely mobile friendly.

Responsive website

Responsive website

If you think your website needs some expert help, get in touch

At Urban River, we specialise in web design and digital solutions across the board. All of our websites are built responsively to deliver the best solution possible to your customers.

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