How well are you marketing your nursery?

Published: October 2012

Over the last few years Urban River have worked with Kids 1st, who were named as the highest quality childcare provider in the UK by Nursery World in 2011, as well as a large number of youth and education providers.

What we’ve recently noticed is that nurseries want to impress parents as much as possible, ensuring more children enrol that at their nursery ahead of the competition.

One of the easiest and best ways of marketing your nursery is through corporate consistency and effective branding.

The Benefits of Branding Your Nursery

Obviously you already have the name of your nursery, and may have been running for a number of years but are you using a regular logo or image across all parent-facing materials?

1. It makes your nursery stand out

Along with the name of your nursery, the design of your logo will convey what differentiates your nursery from the competition, and this must appeal to prospective parents.

2. It makes you easily recognisable

The main benefit of branding is that parents are much more likely to remember your nursery. Having a memorable logo means you are remembered beyond the nursery day and parents are more willing to trust your brand; therefore recommending your nursery to other parents.

3. It will reassure potential customers

Potential parents usually associate a strong logo with a well-established nursery. A great logo will reassure parents that your nursery is successful, that it aims to provide the best experience for their children and it will still be around in a few years time.

4. It promotes quality

You might own or run the best nursery in the UK but may still have trouble getting your places filled. A strong brand projects an image of quality; many parents see your brand and logo as an indication of the quality and value of your nursery.

What Comes After Branding?

Once your logo is up-and-running, it is time to promote and display it across all materials from stationery and brochures to signage and online.

As deciding which nursery is best for their child is a daunting decision for any parent, they will be searching for information both online (via your website) and offline (via your brochure).

Therefore, having a consistent brand image will reassure them that your nursery is right for their child and will help your nursery grow.

Social media is another great way to engage with parents and promote your brand.

For more information on marketing your nursery and attracting parents contact us, call us on 0191 456 6199 or visit Kids 1st website to see our work for yourself!


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