Marketing your nursery and website on a budget

Published: July 2018

Opening and running a nursery can be an expensive business and whilst experience and a love of working with children are the major ingredients, a well thought out marketing strategy could make the difference between your business being a success or a failure. We look at marketing your nursery on a budget.


Before you do any marketing for your nursery, sit down and think about what you are trying to achieve. Seemingly small decisions now could have a big impact in the future, whether that is your logo, the naming of your social media accounts or the image you are trying to portray.


A simple, easily updated website is crucial to portraying a professional image. Consider the domain name carefully and ensure the site is easy to navigate with key information visible.

Update regularly with news, timetables and photos to maintain interest.

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Kids 1st nursery marketing for over 6 years


Social media

The generation who are your target audience live on social media and accounts are free and easy to set up.

Again, give some consideration to the naming of the accounts and your profile picture and ensure that you are sociable and engage with the online community rather than spamming them with adverts.

Ensure all social media accounts have clear links to your website.

It may feel like a chore when you have a business to run however time spent managing your online presence will pay dividends in the long run. Infographics work great on social media. We’ve created a successful series of infographics for Kids 1st nurseries.


Print based marketing

Whilst social media is key, there is still a place for print based marketing. Find out where parents gather whether it be coffee shops or community centres and ask if you can leave some leaflets.

Decide on your key target areas and do door to door leaflet drops. Whilst we live in a world of social media, an eye-catching leaflet on the doormat will still grab attention.

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Word of mouth

Parents are still your best marketing tool; provide a good service and their word of mouth will bring in more customers. Help this process along by encouraging them to tag friends into social media posts and ask them to pass on leaflets to anybody who may be interested.

If you use any of their businesses, ensure you praise good service that you receive. They will be more inclined to spread the word about your business if they know you are willing to do the same.


Engage with community

Find out what your prospective clients care about and get involved. Sponsor a local event or arrange a community clean up. It doesn’t have to be costly but getting your name known in the community will help build your reputation as someone who cares.

Add your logo and a link to your website to any literature about the event.

At Newcastle marketing company Urban River, we provide a full marketing service. We have worked with Kids 1st for over six years and provided a complete marketing package, both print and online. Read their story here.

Give your nursery’s marketing a kick start and contact Newcastle marketing and web design company Urban River today.

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