Do I need a mobile app?

Published: July 2017

There seems to be an app for everything these days. For shopping, banking – even ones to keep track of your sleep! You name it, there’s an app for it. It might feel like you’re being left out in the cold by only having a website.

But wait – don’t throw all your savings into an app just yet! Here at Urban River, our priority is making sure you put your time and energy into activities that will help your business grow. Not everybody needs an app, and hopefully this blog will help you decide if it’s the right choice for you.

Are you prepared to update it regularly?

Creating an app isn’t one action. With every new operating system – apple or android – you will have to update your app. Users will also expect to see new features being added regularly, so if you want to hold on to their interest, be prepared to work on this app repeatedly.

Is there anything your app will do that your website can’t?

If your website is responsive, it should be fairly easy to browse through it on a smartphone. An app should be an extension of your website – not a repeat of it. If there’s something you want a customer to have an option to do that simply is not possible on your website, then maybe an app is for you.

Will it make your customers’ life easier?

If you look at the top apps (that aren’t social media) – they’re all about efficiency. They make life easier, and better as a result. Taking away heavy tasks and making them simple or automatic – leaving more time for you to do the things you like. Apps also take up a lot of space, and you have a lot to compete with. If an app doesn’t improve your customer’s life – they won’t download it.

Is there another way?

Maybe a web application is for you – Web applications run on multiple platforms, as long as the web browser is compatible with your device. And you only need to create one version – rather than build two different apps for Apple and Android. It could be a much easier option for you, and for your customer, as there will be no need for them to use storage on their phone as web applications aren’t downloaded. Why don’t you have a chat with us about some of the web applications we’ve built for previous clients? Such as Choice and Medication, click here to read about our subscription based web application for NHS trusts.

Web app
Web app
How do your customers like to view your website?

Mobile browsing is almost surpassing desktop browsing – but that’s just in general terms. Check your website’s analytics to see how your website is likely to be used. You might find that visitors prefer to visit your website on a desktop computer, but you’ll only know this if you check.

Need help deciding?

Building an app is a big decision – and it might be the best thing for your business. But it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Urban River, web design Newcastle, can talk you through all the options on how to give your business a better platform online. Get in touch.

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