Premier Hardware Supplies Marketing Campaign

Published: September 2014

Premier Hardware Supplies – Marketing Campaign

Premier Hardware Supplies is a retail store selling a range of hardware products to both trades-people and individuals.

Newcastle web design agency, Urban River, were approached to develop a full portfolio marketing campaign to support the Premier Hardware Supplies brand. This included,

  • Develop a new brand identity for Premier Hardware Supplies
  • Create a logo and series of icons to represent the organisation’s core values
  • Design and build a fully responsive, easily managed website
  • Produce a range of printed materials to support the marketing campaign

Our Concept

Premier Hardware Supplies offer a professional and friendly service and were keen to see that their new brand identity reflected this. Marketing agency Urban River developed a character driven brand identity to capture the friendly and informal nature of the business. A yellow and black colour palette was used to maintain a clean, professional and modern look throughout the marketing campaign.


A logo was developed which could work well across all media in a variety of formats and could represent the core values of the company. A tag line was developed to work alongside the logo:
“We help, we supply, we fit”

Premier Hardware Supplies Logo

Premier Hardware Supplies Logo


A series of icons were designed to work as extra elements alongside the logo in keeping with the friendly nature of the business.

Premier Hardware Supplies Icons

Premier Hardware Supplies Icons

Store Front

As the store is situated in a busy area it was imperative that the store front was eye-catching and immediately recognisable. The bright yellow colour palette created a strong background for the main signage and ensured that the logo was clear and highly visible.

Premier Hardware Supplies Store

Premier Hardware Supplies Store


It was important that the brand identity remained strong across the website and continued to reinforce the values created by the logo. A one-page site was designed and developed using different textures to give it a hardware feel and incorporated the bright colour palette along with the icons.

Premier Hardware Supplies Website

Premier Hardware Supplies Website

Printed Material

All printed material maintained the modern and bright feel of the brand identity. As a promotion to gain new customers, Urban River designed a loyalty card, which offered members a 10% discount on all products.

Premier Hardware Supplies Print

Premier Hardware Supplies Print

The Premier Hardware Supplies project has covered a wide range of services and solutions across the marketing campaign. It’s been a great journey to ensure the core values of Premier Hardware Supplies have been effectively delivered in a consistent way.

Please click here if you would like to see some more examples of digital work, brand identity and design for print from Urban River.

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