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Published: December 2016

If your small business is booming at the local market, and you’re doing well with your Etsy orders – why do you need a website? You know a website is an important thing to have, but you need to be sure it will grow your business, rather than sit there stagnant. Is it worth the time and effort, and is it even possible to compete for online attention against larger companies? We discuss how a small business website is vital.

A website puts you amongst the competition

It might feel like you haven’t got a chance against some of the big name brands – but a beautiful website that’s easy to use gives you every possibility of getting some of that success for yourself.

With a powerful SEO strategy you can make sure you are seen by potential customers, and on the same platform as bigger competitors. There are a lot of people out there who would rather go with a local company than a huge brand, make sure they can find you!

Your customers won’t have to search high and low for you

And where do customers go to find you? We no longer rely on the yellow pages for finding a business – we ask Google. If you couldn’t find a company you were looking for with Google, would you bother looking any further? You might even think they’d gone out of business! Make it easy for your customers to buy from you.

It’s the only way to get that professional look
Having a clean website also gives an air of credibility. Whilst it is all well and good to have a Facebook page or an Etsy account, nothing looks as professional and capable as a brilliant website. Great web design is key to gaining trust from a customer online – and it keeps them coming back.

You can decide what your customers see first

You can show so much through a website that you can’t through other platforms. Have a great portfolio? A website is the best place to show it off. Maybe some fantastic client testimonials? Only with your own website can you ensure that they are the first thing a visitors sees when they stumble across your company. You have a lot of control with a website of your very own – you can make sure it reflects who you are.

Most importantly, 2.4 billion people use the internet every single day! Whilst you may get plenty of business through your store, or through word of mouth from happy customers, you’re missing out on a huge portion of people who are surfing the web right now! Creating a small business website will allow your customers to find out more about you at any time of the day.

Don’t miss out any longer. We create websites for a variety of business – big and small whether you are in Newcastle or farther afield. We can create an affordable solution for your small business website. Talk to us about getting a website that helps your business grow.

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