Snapchat, is it right for your business?

Published: October 2017

Should it be part of your marketing mix?

One of the latest social media networks to skyrocket to success, Snapchat is a serious competitor for Instagram and other image based apps. Brands are starting to take more interest in it as it’s gained more popularity, but is it right for you?

Think about your audience

Teenagers are ditching Facebook in favour of Snapchat. Which is mainly down to the increase in older generations (e.g. their parents) having a much stronger presence on Facebook than ever before. Snapchat’s unfamiliar interface makes it difficult for the less digitally minded to grasp. Effectively blocking out anyone who is used to a more structured and easy to use social network such as Twitter.

So, if your target audience isn’t made up of 13 – 21 year olds, you don’t have a lot to gain.

How much can you realistically contribute?

Snapchat is purely image based and, unlike Instagram, you can’t share images that you’ve taken previously. In other words, you’re pushed into only using live photos – the here and now.

This may also affect the quality of your images. Many Instagram users take photos with a high-end camera, before transferring them to a phone to upload. As this isn’t possible with Snapchat. You may have to invest in a smartphone with a camera that produces high quality images.
Have a think about whether you have the resources or the time to update it every day.

What are your aims?

If you’re hoping to use social media to lead people to your website – you aren’t going to get very far with Snapchat. Or maybe you want people to interact with your brand – you won’t find that with Snapchat either. Snapchat is great for building brand awareness and encouraging loyalty. This is a chance for your audience to see behind the scenes, or what is going on with your brand today. It’s a great place to show a sneak peak of a new product. However, you aren’t likely to get sales directly from Snapchat. Mainly because you can’t link out to websites through the app. Have a think about what you’re really hoping to get from social, before you jump right in.

Can you achieve the level of authenticity the Snapchat audience require?

Branded, corporate messages are just not going to work on Snapchat like they do on Facebook or Twitter. You’ve got to offer a human element that takes a lot more thought, and you may have to put your brand’s key messages to one side. A Snapchat user is looking for you to be fun and your genuine human self. It involves forgetting your typical marketing message and being slightly risky with your brand, in order to gain the affection of teenagers. Is it worth it?

100 million worldwide

If you have considered these points and decide Snapchat is the one for you – great! You’re tapping into a young audience of over 100 million worldwide! There’s a lot of fun to be had with Snapchat. If you need any social media support, you can always come to Urban River, Newcastle’s web design agency, for help.

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