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Published: March 2018

Social media platforms can be a minefield, and for a business it can be a costly mistake if not handled correctly. How do you know which platform is best for you? How do you know that you aren’t wasting money and resources chasing after the wrong type of customer?

The instinct is to join every platform and send the same messages out on each platform. Even paying for an automated tool to do the hard work for you. However, this approach is flawed as the key to social media is being social.

It is better to concentrate on a couple platforms that work for you and do them well. Rather than use a blanket approach and not hit your target on any of them. So how do you know which ones will work for you? Should you be Tweeting, Snapchatting or Instagramming? Should you be on Facebook or LinkedIn? By asking yourself a couple of key questions, you should be able to work out where to focus your energies.

Know your audience

In every other aspect of your business, you spend time getting to know your customers. You understand their likes and dislikes. Social media is no different. Find out what platforms your existing customers and potential clients use. Ensure that they are actively using them rather than merely having an account that has been dormant for years.

Understanding demographics can be useful. Last year we discussed whether Snapchat was right for your business and Snapchat has traditionally targeted the younger generation. This may change over time. Facebook was originally for students only, but the average age has slowly crept up as the older generations discover it.

Recent research from Pew Research Centre showed that 41% of online adults over 65 use Facebook but that doesn’t mean it just for the older generation as a massive 81% of 18-29 year olds still use it.

What are you trying to achieve?

Are you trying to expand your reach or communicate more effectively with your existing customers? Most platforms allow targeted advertising and it can work if you understand the myriad of rules associated with it. Sometimes a well-placed hashtag may be more effective to increasing brand awareness. A simple Tweet congratulating a client on their achievements can go a long way.

Which brands do you associate with each platform?

You know who your competitors are, you know which brands you trust. Which platforms do they use? How effective and different is their approach on each platform? Learn from them and target your social media time so it has the biggest impact.

Social media platforms can be a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. However, nobody wants to waste time constantly updating it. You can find out which social media platforms are best for you and make social media fun rather than a chore. How about speaking to our Newcastle based marketing team at Urban River to build social media into your overall marketing strategy. Call us on 0191 456 6199.

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