Star Wars Infographic – May the facts be with you

Published: January 2016

This is the infographic you’ve been looking for. The Newcastle marketing agency Urban River team have been to a galaxy far, far away and back to come up with these fun facts about the Star Wars universe. Whether you’re a lifelong fan of the original trilogy, or willing to accept that The Phantom Menace was actually a good movie; may the facts be with you.

Star Wars Infographic

We love Infographics

We at Urban River love creating infographics. It’s an interesting way to get facts and figures across in a digestible and concise way. We’ve created hundreds of infographics in our many years in business with the most enjoyable being for our own very valued clients. Each one we design for our clients is a one off and tailored to get across the facts and figures and their unique personality. We also enjoy creating them for topical subjects such as this Star Wars theme.

We can create a cost effective infographic for you that you can print and display, email out, post on social media, drop into proposals etc all bespoke designed. An infographic provides a large amount of impressive information in a fun and creative way.

How we can help

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