Top tips for tackling cart abandonment

Published: August 2017

Tackling cart abandonment

67.45% of carts are abandoned – it’s a big deal for any online retailer! There are a variety of reasons behind cart abandonment. It’s worth looking at how you can make it less likely. Making some simple changes to your website and the checkout process can prevent customers walking away at that crucial moment.

Look at exactly when they leave

The reason why your cart was abandoned might not have anything to do with you. However, if your customers are repeatedly walking away at the exact same point, you’re going to have to take the blame. Is it when they had to enter personal details? Maybe they don’t trust your website, or the form is too long and intrusive. Have you thought about letting customers use a guest account for faster checking out? Or did they leave when the shipping fees were added? Maybe you need to rethink your fees, or offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount it could reduce cart abandonment.

Try to get them back

There could be so many different reasons why the cart was abandoned. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t want to buy from you. A quick email with a voucher code, or to let them know that the item they were looking at is about to sell out. This could be all it takes to get them back and buying from you.


This is how you grab the browsers. You know, the users who are looking, but without any intention of buying today. Letting them compile wishlists makes it easy for them to pick back up with you later, when they’ve decided that they do want to buy. They may not buy everything on the wishlist, but you’ll have a good idea of what kind of products they like, and you have their details on file. Sending them a quick email to let them know that one of their wishlist items is low in stock could take them from browser to buyer.


17% of shoppers don’t purchase because they are concerned about security. Make sure your security badges are prominent, especially at checkout. If a customer has never bought with you before, they are taking a risk – so do what you can to make them feel more comfortable.


Limited time only codes can be a way to push people to buy now instead of later. Offering a 20% discount code that only lasts for a few days can bring customers back to checkout and to completing that purchase. Make sure you publicise it so everyone knows. Hopefully not only will you see cart abandonment reduce, you should also attract lots of new customers!

Payment methods

Not everyone feels comfortable sharing their bank details with a website, and often that can slow a checkout down. Offering different payment methods like Paypal can make a checkout much quicker, and make a customer feel more comfortable about payment.

See what happens…

Try these tips and see what happens! And if you need any more support – you know where to go. Urban River, web design Newcastle, can help you improve your checkout process. Get in touch.

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