The benefits of bespoke web design

Published: September 2018

Bespoke web design – what are the advantages?

First impressions matter and we all know that an online presence is vital to the success of a business. With so many off the shelf solutions available at a reasonable cost, you may question the wisdom of investing in a bespoke website.

Below we look at the benefits of bespoke web design.

Bespoke web design


Designed to your requirements

Every business is unique and therefore needs a website that is built around that business. Rather than your company fitting around the limitations of an off the shelf website.

An experienced web designer will sit down with you and discuss how your business works, and how you would like it to work, and build a unique website that suits your requirements.

User journeys will be created to map the various ways in which your customers will interact with the website and they will identify the quickest and most painless route to your customers making a purchase or finding the information they need. Skilled designers and developers work together to create a bespoke website that will be unique, scalable and delivered with clean code. This allows changes to be made quickly and easily.

A positive customer experience is paramount to the success of a company and its website.

As a bespoke website is designed just for you. There is no need for the various third-party add ons that are of no use to your business or customers. This eliminates confusion and frees up valuable space on servers to enable speedier loading times.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key to the success of any website and helps push your site to the top of Google searches. Bespoke web design allows experienced designers to build code into your website that takes advantage of search engine rankings and ensure that your website is ahead of its out of the box rivals. How your website is built can effect your Google rankings. By using the latest techniques and technologies available a bespoke website ensure your site will perform well online.



Third-party plug-ins and open source code are unfortunately appealing to hackers and cyber-attacks. If they know and understand the code, it is far easier for them to manipulate it and compromise your business. By infecting one out of the box site, they have the opportunity to impact thousands of websites. Therefore they will concentrate on those that guarantee the greatest chance of success.

With a bespoke web design, the code is for you and you alone. Therefore making it a lot more secure and not worth the effort for cyber criminals.

An SSL Certificate can reassure your customers that they are safe on your website.

If your site doesn’t have one, as of July 2018, anyone accessing your site from the Chrome browser will have it flagged up as insecure. Whist this does not mean your site is not secure, it could lead to many users leaving your website unnecessarily.


Bespoke web design


Future proofing

With bespoke web design, your website grows with your company. If you expand or change your processes, your website can be updated quickly to reflect this. An out of the box solution, that may seem ideal on the day you buy it, could quickly become redundant if it cannot be adapted to fit your future business needs.

It needs to keep up with modern technology such as responsive design to work across all mobile devices and browsers (responsive design).

A website that can’t adapt would mean starting again with another website and the potential cost and loss of business this would lead to.


Value for money

Whilst the initial outlay may be slightly more, the benefits of bespoke web design are soon realised. You are not subject to unwanted updates from third party suppliers that result in time consuming process changes to your business. Time is money and when you need your website to be updated, it can be done on your terms.

By getting the design right at the very start, less time and money is spent on training costs and getting staff and customers up to date on new procedures.

A scalable website using responsive technology works for you rather than the other way around.



With a bespoke website you will get;

A fully unique and responsive design
A light, fast and robust website
A planned out, thought through process for your business online
Skilled developers and designers dedicated to your project
An inhouse knowledgeable team for ongoing help and support
Modern techniques, technology and clean code
Future proofing and scalability
SEO optimisation in place
Safe and secure
Value for your money
A worthwhile investment


Since 2002 we have been delivering bespoke websites for our clients using the latest technologies and techniques. To find out how Newcastle based web design company Urban River can help you realise the benefits of bespoke web design, contact us today.

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