Web design trends to watch out for in 2017

Published: June 2017

The latest web design trends

Web design is a rapidly changing world, with new trends coming to the forefront all of the time. It can be difficult to keep up! So, we’ve put together some of the latest web design trends for you.


Cinemagraphs appear as still images, but with some moving parts – usually repeated. Done right, they are beautiful to look at without being too distracting. You can often see them as a background on the home page of a website.

They can be in the form of a GIF, but can be quite large files – so sometimes streaming cinemagraphs as a video file can be a better option.

Authenticity over stock imagery

You’ll find it harder now than ever to see a stock image on a website – as authentic, bespoke pictures are becoming the photograph of choice. Now that smartphones are capable of taking high quality photos, it’s starting to make more sense to take a photo of your team in the office. Rather than use a stock image of a fake team in a fake office.


Video is already taking over social media, so it is no surprise that we’re seeing more and more of them on websites. Videos are a great way to tell stories, and to help your audience understand who you are and what you do.

One page websites

It’s not uncommon to see businesses present their website all on one-page, rather than across many pages. Menu bars are still present, but when you start to browse through, you’ll find that rather than being taken to a completely different page, you’re scrolled down to the section of your choice. This use of minimalism is popular – could it work for you?

Big, bold type

Web design in 2017 is focused on fewer words – but bigger. Big, bold text you can’t ignore is becoming a popular design feature. You’ll usually find this style of typography on a homepage, often layered on top of a picture or graphic. This use of text is forcing copy to be more accurate and to the point. It takes note of studies that show that online visitors don’t like to sift through mountains of text.

Layers and stacks

Google’s Material Design encourages bright, clean colours – usually stacked on top of one another. Using different shades of your chosen primary and accent colours. You can create depth without losing the 2D look that most web designers have preferred in the last few years. Material Design is the Google creation everyone is talking about – it’s definitely worth a look.

Mobile first

Responsive websites that function beautifully for mobile aren’t new – but the latest web design trend is to design websites with a mobile-first approach. Mobile browsing is becoming more popular every year. With many predicting that desktop browsing will soon be a thing of the past. Designing websites for mobile first. Desktop second is a web designers way of future proofing their website and taking responsive to a new level. Check our our blog on reasons to have a responsive website.

Need help?

That’s a quick snapshot into some of the many things happening in the world of web design. It’s all very exciting. If you think you’d like to see your website updated with some of these features – you’ve come to the right place! Urban River are a web design agency based in Newcastle, and would be happy to help! Have a chat with us

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