Why we love the new LinkedIn app and you should too

Published: December 2015

It’s fair to say that the new LinkedIn app has divided opinion. Comments vary from those complementing the new UI for its cleaner usability, to the more abrupt, “THIS IS NOT FACEBOOK!”

On the later, I would agree with the founding principles of LinkedIn as a professional social network, but something got lost along the way. Social media should be just that, social.

Be it down to just not knowing how to use LinkedIn, or for some it being yet another platform you just have to be on. There is no denying that all too often things can be a little too quiet on here.

We’ve all seen post after post of idle content, not too mention groups we’ve all joined without a single active conversation in months. Now is this a fault of LinkedIn? Hardly. For those without a content marketing strategy, or clear plan of what they want to achieve from the platform, what have we been left with? On one hand we have a large proportion of silent observers, with a ‘log in, connect, leave’ mentality. The other, those pushing plain content fall backs more accustomed to Facebook, like inspirational quotes, memes and what should be on a roast dinner?!

I for one don’t have a problem with LinkedIn taking a leaf out of Facebook’s design. I feel the new app makes it a lot easier to talk to my connections and discover others. It is now though far easier to see just how much boilerplate ‘content’ is being pushed by many.

If you’re one of these people, take some time and think about why you’re here? If it’s to educate, learn and add value….. then great, let’s connect! But ask yourself this, if you are pushing the same uninspiring and useless noise everyday, you might just find people unfollowing you en masse. Then where will you be when you actually have something of value to say?

Let’s not criticise LinkedIn, let’s really think about how we use the platform. You only get out what you put in and unless we want things to end up like Google+, we’re all accountable.

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