Services provided: Branding, Print Design, Web Design

Brushtec is one of the worlds leading specialist manufacturers of brushware for industrial and municipal applications. The Company specialises in floor/street sweeping and works with a number of original equipment manufacturers.


When Brushtec approached Newcastle Marketing Agency Urban River, their original logo had been developed 20 years before and they felt that it was no longer fit for purpose. The existing Brushtec branding did nothing to convey their innovative and holistic approach.

The website was also extremely out of date and did not reflect the company’s efficiency, the up-to-date machinery, the manufacturing techniques they used or the quality of the products they sold on an international basis. The company needed an entire overhaul of the marketing practices to refocus and promote their business both on and offline.


Starting with the development of a new identity, Urban River created a new branding using a classic San Serif face as the base and teamed that with a bespoke typographic identity that is both modern and progressive. A vivid green palette with gradiating tones was also used to give an overall strong and contemporary identity.

Urban River also developed a new WordPress website, allowing Brushtec to promote their approach, experience and range of products, together with a set of interactive videos. Clients and account holders now had the ability to log into the site and download technical specs, drawings and other protected items which are not available publicly via the website.

A promotional brochure together with the development of an e-marketing system has equipped Brushtec with the tools and ability to manage and implement their own outbound campaigns with ease whilst ensuring that everything remains on-brand.


Responsive Web Design for Brushtec
Brushtec Website by Urban River

“Brushtec has always delivered exceptional products and services, however there is one area we had overlooked; our company brand. Brushtec’s image had not changed since the company was founded 20 years ago.

The old image did not portray the well-organised, forward-thinking company we are. With the aid of Urban River, we’ve developed an up-to-date company image which represents the cutting edge company we are today.”

Barry Crackett, Lead Designer