Northumberland IFCA

Services provided: Web Design

The Northumberland Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority (NIFCA) is an organisation that controls and manages the balance of the marine environment and inshore fisheries between environmental, social and economic benefits to ensure healthy seas in the Northumberland area.


NIFCA contacted Newcastle web design agency Urban River to build them a brand new website and bespoke database reporting system to raise general awareness and provide fishermen with the ability to record their catch.


Based on NIFCAs brief we decided on a two step approach, keeping the website and reporting system completely separate allowing us to utilise two different platforms for the build.

The Urban River digital team designed and built a new website which raises the general awareness of fishing regulations in the local area and provides an intuitive user experience.

The database reporting system was spec’ed out in great detail to ensure NIFCA would be able to report on a multitude of different areas from individual ships catches, to the landings of an entire port.  All of the reports which get generated from the system are exportable as CSV files allowing the ability to inspect individual elements of each report for any custom requirements.

Both the website and reporting database incorporate responsive design which means they adapt accordingly depending on what device it is being viewed.


Northumberland IFCA on desktop, tablet and mobile
Northumberland IFCA
Northumberland IFCA database

“What a great job you have done and the reporting application is saving lots of time. Pass on my thanks to the team especially Robert who has provided first class customer service”.

Mike Hardy LLB, Chief Executive