Ecommerce platforms – which is best?

Published: May 2018

When deciding to sell online, your choice of ecommerce platforms is one of the most important decisions you will make. Whilst your site looks great and you provide fantastic content, ultimately you want the customer to buy and if that part of the process isn’t perfect, they will go elsewhere.

Your choice could be the difference between success and failure, so which ecommerce platform is best for your business?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all solution. So you need to take into account a number of factors such as cost, scalability and compatibility with existing web architecture.

At Newcastle based web design company Urban River, we’ve been helping our clients decide which ecommerce platform is best for their business. Below is just a small selection of companies we have helped to make the right choice.

Chocolate Fayre (Woo Commerce)

Chocolate Fayre

For over 30 years, Chocolate Fayre has been providing the finest chocolates, sourced from some incredibly talented chocolatiers. Their passion for quality and excellence has seen them become a renowned name in their field.

This was Chocolate Fayre’s first ever e-commerce website.

The new website would allow Chocolate Fayre to recreate their in-store experience to a wider audience including one of their most popular products is the ‘choose your own’ chocolates range. An integral feature of the website was for the customers to be able hand pick their own selection of chocolates.

User Experience

Urban River mapped out how each selection process would work for the user ensuring a seamless buying experience.

We provided an easy to use content management system, meaning Chocolate Fayre could quickly update the website with new products when necessary.

Woo Commerce was the ideal platform to fit in seamlessly with the WordPress site and provide the right level of flexibility to provide the crucial hand-picked chocolates experience.



Compare Sportswear (Woo Commerce)

Compare Sportswear

Compare Sportswear is a sportswear/equipment comparison website. It allows users to search the UK’s leading sports retailers in one place to save both time and money.

Compare Sportswear needed a comparison website comparison website that allows users to browse a vast range of branded products. With the intention of whatever the sport the user is interested in, they will find the retailer with the best deal.

Affiliate Service Data

When the user visits the site, they can search by a brand (e.g. Adidas) or a particular sport (e.g football) and will receive the correct real time information. This allows the user to then browse and chose the product they want at the best price.

By using an affiliate service data feed on the website, it compares prices on sportswear and delivers the correct real-time price to the user. This allows the user to check prices of products and where to buy them from.

Whilst Woo Commerce has smaller functionality scope than Magento, the experience and skills at Urban River allowed us to push the boundaries and deliver the perfect solution to Compare Sportswear.



SnowShock (Magento)

SnowShock website

SnowShock is one of the UKs leading retailer of premium quality iced drinks and state of the art slush machines. They needed a new ecommerce website that includes a range of fully integrated features. Including bespoke customer pricing, fully automated stock control and complete integration with Sage accounting.

Fully Integrated

As the company has grown rapidly, the solution also needed to be scalable and with the number of fully integrated features, Magento was the ideal ecommerce platform.

Magento has almost endless potential for customisation so the website can grow and adapt along with the business.

Whilst Magento is technically more difficult to implement than WooCommerce, the expertise at Urban River has been invaluable in creating a smooth implementation and positive user experience.


Ecommerce Platforms

Each of the major ecommerce platforms have strengths and weaknesses. It is vital that you get the correct advice and consider exactly what you plan to use your website for both now and in the future.

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