How to create an online booking system

Published: June 2018

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It wasn’t that long ago that ordering tickets meant phoning a premium rate number, navigating an unfathomable menu system then having to spell your name and address out a dozen times whilst praying that the tickets would arrive.

The internet has changed all that and the majority of bookings are now done online. Below we guide you through how to create an online booking system.

Improved customer service

The customer experience is at the core of designing an online booking system.

Customers want 24/7 access via phone, tablet, laptop or PC. They want to spend as little time as possible navigating through the website. Responsive design is key so that the online booking system works seamlessly across all devices.

Good design will also require the user journey being mapped out in advance so that the minimum of steps are required to make the booking.

Online calendars can be updated immediately. So there is no longer a need for customers to write the date in their diary. Tickets can be emailed or available on an app.


Customers also like a variety of payment options from credit and debit cards to PayPal and even via their social media accounts. There are many options available with varying degrees of flexibility and scalability and your web design team should be able to talk you through which ecommerce option is best for your business.

Using online payments for your online booking system ensures faster payments for the business. It also helps customers in managing their finances by receiving an immediate receipt of payment.

Accuracy of information entered

With the information being entered by the customer themselves, there is less chance of inaccuracies due to mishearing on the phone. Simple validation checks on each field will increase the likelihood of the information being correct.

Having the customer’s correct mobile number and email address allows for notifications to be sent to both confirm booking and remind them of upcoming events.

Advanced features

Whilst an online booking system is traditionally thought of as being for theatres and concerts, allowing customers to choose seats for concerts and events, it can be a lot more than that.

Arts and Entertainment theatre, The Customs House

At web design Newcastle, Urban River, we designed and built a website for the prestigious arts and entertainment theatre, The Customs House. The website includes an advanced online booking system. It allows customers to select seats and purchase tickets with a minimum of steps.

Responsive website


“We’ve always been delighted with the
quality of their work and their the
efficiency of their delivery”

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National Driving School, Pass N Go

We also created a complex yet easy to use online booking system for national driving school Pass ’N’ Go. Amongst the various advanced features were the intuitive online calendar that allowed instructors and pupils to amend and cancel bookings.

A real time travel distance calculator allows instructors to use their time more efficiently. Pupils can even request to book their driving test via the online booking system.

Customer retention_PassNGo

“Fantastic innovative solution”

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Unique Equestrian Centre, Stepney Bank Stables

Urban River also created an online booking system for Stepney Bank Stables. The new website enabled riders to create personalised accounts and book lessons online. In addition the website needed to integrate into Stepney Bank Stables internal accounting system.

A bespoke booking system was created to allow members to create an account and see the availability of lessons in a calendar format. The user can book and purchase online through existing credit on their account or by card payment. The member also has their own personalised dashboard.

Stepney Bank Stables

“Superb personalised dashboard”

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Online booking system innovation

Whilst all the clients above had vastly different requirements, they all had efficiency and customer experience at the core of what they needed. Urban River were able to discuss those requirements and come up with solutions that were innovative as well as being simple and intuitive.

Would you like to save time and money with an online booking system? Call web design Newcastle Urban River on 0191 456 6199 to help you create an online booking system, contact us today.

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