Services provided: Web Design


Pass’N’Go approached Urban River with the intention of moving their nationwide driving school business online.

The brief of the project was to turn Pass’N’Go’s existing booking method of telephone bookings into a real-time online booking system which can be used by driving instructors and pupils nationwide.


Planning the approach that would be taken for this project was vital. Not only was the project relatively large, but the experience for customers dramatically changes between engaging with them over the phone to over an online interface.

We developed a website using responsive techniques so that instructors and pupils can use the system on their mobile phones, tablets and desktop devices. This has given Pass’N’Go instructors the ability to manage their schedule in their car no matter where they are in the country.

Some of the key features of the new system include:

  • The ability for instructors and pupils to book, cancel and amend driving lessons through an intuitive online calendar. A sophisticated two-way handshake was developed so neither party could confirm a booking without the other parties approval.
  • A real time travel distance calculator, which measures the distance between drop off and pickup points, was developed and built into the booking calendar. This gives instructors the ability to utilise their free time as efficiently as possible and offer additional lesson time to customers closer to previous lessons.
  • A messaging system between pupils and their instructors ensures that the pupil receives a good customer experience by allowing them to directly ask questions to their instructor.
  • Email and text message notification have been built into multiple sections of the online booking system.  This helps to ensure both pupils and instructors are always up to date with current events even when they are not logged in to the system.
  • In addition to general video turmoils, pupils have the ability to unlock additional tutorial videos based on their previous driving lessons. As new techniques are being learnt, these videos will automatically become available to the pupil and help perfect the particular driving technique.
  • Booking forms allowing pupils to request their theory and practical tests online. These request are then processed offline by a Pass’N’Go administrator and once confirmed by the DVSA, added into the system.
  • Instructors have the ability to rate pupil’s progress after each driving lesson, for the driving techniques which have been taught. Pupils can then review their progress and share this information via social media.
  • A shop where pupils can purchase additional driving materials to help with their test, and where instructors can purchase new uniforms and new car signage.



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