Marketing solutions for engineering businesses

Published: April 2018

Challenges in marketing engineering firms

Unlike companies that have a product to sell, engineering businesses are offering services and concepts that are possibly expensive and require extended sales cycles.

The traditional approach of professional networking, conferences and event sponsorship is no longer enough to attract new business. Therefore a digital strategy is required to generate leads and fuel business growth.

Traditional approach

Marketing solutions for engineering businesses are evolving. The traditional approach of event sponsorship, networking events and conferences can be effective. However they are costly and time consuming and it is difficult to measure your return on investment.

It is hard to convey your firm’s expertise in a short ‘elevator pitch’ and you need a way of portraying your brand’s credibility and authority.


A professional website is essential to any engineering firm wishing to market themselves to new and existing clients. It can also assist in attracting the top talent; any prospective candidate will check out your website before applying for a role at your company.

A positive user experience is essential and responsive design allows for your website to be used across a variety of devices.

A lot of engineering company website designs are unappealing and not very user friendly. With over 16 years experience in engineering web design, we know it doesn’t have to be that way. Read our blog on 10 best Engineering Website Design Examples.

Before the website is built, extensive analysis should be carried out to understand where your engineering firm sits in the industry and where it would like to be. Identifying key areas to highlight up front will allow you to promote what you are best at.

You can demonstrate your expertise with case studies and a regular, informative blog that solves engineering issues will promote your credibility.

Unlike traditional approaches, website analytics can give accurate information on lead creation and what works. This allows you to adapt your approach quickly where necessary.

To do this your website needs to be easily updatable. So you can get marketing information to your customers in a timely fashion.

Ease of use is not only crucial to your clients using the website but also to those in your firm who are updating it.

Brand awareness

Social media can build brand awareness and attract traffic to your website. Find out how your clients use social media, engage with them and discover which problems they are looking to solve.

Research your competitors, see what they are doing and do it better.

An online presence is crucial to promoting your brand as professional and an authority in your particular area of expertise.

Ford Engineering Group

Newcastle based web marketing company Urban River worked with Ford Engineering Group, global specialists in the precision machining of components for the automotive, defence, aerospace and laminated products industries, on updating and consolidating their existing websites into one, streamlined corporate website.

website features

“The best website Urban River has done! With a sleek
and modern look that provides the foundations for
a promising future.”


Read our case study

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