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Published: June 2014

Overcoming Theatre Website – The Brief

Overcoming Theatre is an educational theatre company established in the north east of England. Via workshops and sessions in schools, they teach the 5 main techniques and theories of acting – notorious in acting circles for being difficult to understand – to a level which is simple to learn and take on board. As a new start up business, they approached Urban River to create a new brand and theatre website. The theatre website was required to present Overcoming Theatre as a professional, knowledgeable organisation and allow users to subscribe, via a secure payment system, to gain access to learning materials, ask questions and follow the Overcoming Theatre blog.

Our solution

The design of the site is heavily stylized and incorporates tropes of acting (such as the theatre curtain background and the comedy and tragedy masks) to create a unique-yet-familiar feel. We decided to use black and white as the two main colours of the site as this reflected the brand we created and also allowed the high-quality video content and imagery on the site to really stand out and look at its best.

The site was built using the flexible open source platform WordPress as the content management system (CMS), which allowed us to section off areas of the site as being either available generally or accessible only by a subscribed member. Using the default functionality of WordPress we were able to create a blog and also incorporate a forum onto the site, which allows Overcoming Theatre to communicate with subscribers directly on the website.

The site was integrated with PayPal which handles the payment subscription area. We branded the PayPal payment pages to match the website, creating a seamless user experience for subscribers when they make a payment. All recurring payments are handled automatically, meaning users do not have to log in to make a payment every month.

Overcoming Theatre website

Overcoming Theatre website

Key features:

  • A subscription site which allows members to sign up on the site and pay via PayPal.
  • Stylised and designed site, incorporating instantly recognisable acting elements.
  • Site incorporates text, imagery and video.
  • Blog feature with commenting system.
  • A forum allows subscribers to ask questions and generate discussion and content.
  • Responsive website which works across desktop, tablet and mobile.

The outcome

Overcoming Theatre are delighted with their “professional-looking” website and brand. Upon our asking them for feedback on how they felt though project went, Overcoming Theatre were particularly complimentary about the quality of our work, our professionalism and our customer service. They will be returning to us for printed literature in the near future.

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