Print marketing is still important

Published: April 2017

Print marketing still matters

Digital, digital, digital. It’s all we hear these days. We’re living in a digital world, where only social media, apps and websites matter. Even books can be downloaded, dictionaries come in app form too and when was the last time you looked through a physical copy of holiday photos? It all begs the question – does print marketing even matter anymore?

Here at Urban River, we say “Of course it does!”. There’s no need to ditch print yet. In fact, it could be your best asset in a world of screens.

It’s personal

Studies show that marketing campaigns you can physically touch are more memorable. Email marketing is great, but there’s something special about receiving a letter in the post these days. 79% of consumers act on post immediately, whilst only 45% will deal with an email straight away.

Print marketing

Print marketing grabs attention

Websites are often skimmed by consumers in as little as 15 seconds. And to make it worse, studies show that people read digital text 20% – 30% slower than they do printed. So if you want your text to be read properly from beginning to end, a brochure is the way forward.

Print marketing

There is nothing stopping you mixing print and digital

Don’t think integration only applies online – you can integrate your printed and digital campaigns too! Stick with the same style guide, colours and feel, and you’ll have an integrated campaign that is both professional and eye-catching. App download logos and social media logos are very easy to spot, so stick them on your leaflet to give people the choice in how they want to interact with your brand.

Print marketing

It’s all about trust

Print is still considered the most trustworthy media by consumers. Why? Who knows, but in a world where our spam folders are full of fake offers, where deaths of celebrities (who are very much alive) are regularly announced on social media and where fake news has took over the headlines, print reigns when it comes to trust and reliability. Tapping into this is a great way to start a solid relationship with a potential customer.

Print marketing


How many articles have you spotted about the danger of screens? The effect on our sleep, our children, our social lives, we could go on. Even the most tech-friendly of us know that excessive screen time isn’t good for our health. Give your customer an excuse to get away from the black mirror and spend five minutes reading…the old fashioned way.

Create an integrated campaign

As you can see, we love print marketing and we encourage all our clients to give it a try. We’re highly experienced in creating an integrated campaign that is of a high quality both online and offline. Don’t just target an online audience – there are plenty of offline consumers who are looking for a brand that will connect with them beyond digital.

If you’re looking to develop a modern, fresh print campaign that speaks to your audience, take a look at our previous work and get in touch

Print marketing

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