WordPress website examples – 10 of the best

Published: July 2018

It’s easy to think of WordPress as a simple blogging platform however with 30% of the web powered by WordPress, it is far more than that. The world’s most popular content management system is used by some of the biggest organisations in the world and, in the right hands, WordPress can create websites that are both stunning visually and a pleasure to use.

Below we outline ten of the best WordPress website examples.


The Whitehouse

wordpress website

Simple to navigate, ease of use is key to home of US Government. The header menu points to five key policy areas, Economy, National Security, Budget, Immigration and The Opioid Crisis.

A side menu gives more information on the administration and other issues. WordPress website simplicity at its finest.


99% Invisible

wordpress website

It is no surprise that one of the world’s most popular design podcasts has a well-designed website. You can explore the various categories from more than one point on the home screen and the embedded podcast player is a nice touch.



wordpress website

Clean and simple design for a world leading provider in industrial cleaning, cleanroom sanitisation, corrosion prevention & protection.

Easily updatable with clear calls to action. Read a case study here.


Mercedes Benz

wordpress website

A breath-taking home screen leaves you under no illusion that this is a quality brand. The new photos scroll in from the right keeping the user interested whilst they browse the menus.


Angry Birds

wordpress website

The site is content heavy but without any loading issues. The scrolling performs beautifully ,and it is one of the best examples we have seen of branding being continued throughout the website.


South Tyneside Ten

wordpress website

Vibrant colours draw the eye in this stunning yet simple design. Read the Ten story here.


Animal Logic

wordpress website

One of the world’s leading creative design studios, you will do well to find a more fun home screen than this.


Ford Engineering

wordpress website

Combining three websites into one streamlined design was the brief here. Easy to navigate with the company’s branding strong throughout the site.

Read the case study here.


Walt Disney

wordpress website

Use the banner menu or scroll down the home screen to access different parts of the site. All you need to know about the home of Mickey Mouse.



wordpress website

Strong branding, simple to use and the inclusion of complex technical data such as complete floorplans make this site for house builder, Redcastle Homes.

Read how we provided a full marketing solution here.


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