10 Creative Marketing Examples

Published: February 2016

As a Creative Marketing Agency in Newcastle, Urban River have always known and embraced the power of great¬†marketing campaigns. We’ve pulled together our favourite list of the best creative marketing examples around, covering the full range video, web and print channels to show there’s always a place for great creative ideas.

1. Aston Martin

Aston Martin Creative Marketing

Aston Martin’s Glass Transporter

With the ongoing relationship between Aston Martin and the Bond franchise showing no signs of slowing down, Aston Martin used this creative glass car transporter concept to market their latest model, which first appeared exclusively in the film Spectre.

2. The Economist

Economist Creative Marketing Campaign

The Economist Bucking Bronco

Creative marketing can be a great way to engage with your audience, literally! The Economist used a branded bucking bronco machine in key cities around the UK to create fun brand awareness in the often rigid space of professional publications.

3. Nescafe

Falmouth University Creative Marketing

Nescafe Dulce Gusto

Creative marketing campaigns, particularly print, can be a great way to differentiate yourself from your competitors (and poke a little fun at them too). In a classic play on expensive high street coffee chains, Starbucks, Cafe Nero and Costa Coffee, Nescafe produced on online viral hit with this particular marketing campaign.

4. Futuramo


Futuramo History of Icons

The web can a great way to make your creative marketing campaigns come to life. To drive traffic, obtain links and create a social buzz, Futuramo produced a website on the History of Web Icons. As engaging as it is educational, the site is a fantastic way to build awareness and showcase Futuramo’s skills.

5. Guinness

Guiness Creative Marketing Campaign

Guinness – Phones down please

Guinness’ have been one of ‘THE’ creative marketing brands of the past twenty years. Who can forget ‘The Surfer’, ‘The Dancing Man’ and strap-lines like ‘Good things come to those who wait’. Capturing the zeitgeist perfectly, this creative ad is as simple as it is effective.

6. Kit Kat

KitKat Creative Marketing Campaign

Kit Kat take a break bench

The ‘Take a Break’ Slogan has been synonymous with Kit Kat for decades. In a great creative marketing example of using an advertising aware public and strong brand heritage, Nestle have created a unique, but fun guerrilla marketing campaign.

7. Volkswagen

Volkswagan Creative Marketing Campaign

Volkswagon Logo Christmas Card

As a creative marking agency in Newcastle, Urban River believe there will always be a place for great print design and direct marketing. This simple, but beautifully creative Christmas card from Volkswagon, shows that big brands still believe in creative too.

8. LG

Viral video marketing campaigns are another form of great creative marketing. To launch LG’s latest Ultra HD TVs, this secret camera video, not only created huge awareness through it’s comedy value, but showcased the product at its best.

9.  Bahia Brazil

street sign creative marketing

Creative marketing can be a great way to raise awareness of health and safety matters, not just products and services. Due to the number of young deaths on the roads, these signs were commissioned to increase awareness of the dangers of using smart phones whilst driving.

10. WWF

WWF Creative Marketing


In a classic example of less is more, The WWF ‘Give a Hand to Wildlife’ creative campaign matched clever wordplay and simple, but effective imagery. Able to roll out different incarnations of the ads for various animals including elephants and zebras, allowed this particular marketing campaign to run for a long time frame without being overly saturated.

Have these examples got your creative juices flowing? Speak to Newcastle Marketing Agency Urban River today and let’s create something that is uniquely you. Call us on 0191 456 6199 or email us at [email protected].

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