The secrets to a knockout email marketing campaign

Published: September 2015

It’s no secret; email marketing continues to be one of the most important tools for businesses to communicate with customers and prospects around the world. In fact, according to research from Marketing Cloud, 74% of marketers say that email marketing is core to their business values and believe it generates a tangible return on investment.


What do I need e-marketing for?

E-Marketing is a great tool for companies of all sizes to use, as it summarises your key business messages and news into an easy to read online format and can be communicated quickly and efficiently to all subscribers. No paper, no printing costs and no being thrown straight into the work recycling bin! However, there is the dreaded email junk folder to avoid!

junk email

So, how do you create an appealing e-newsletter that will grab the reader’s attention and packs a punch rather than being dumped straight into their junk? Here at our marketing agency, Urban River, we create e-newsletter templates with proven success for our clients across all industry sectors.

Client Satisfaction

But don’t just take our word for it – we recently created an email campaign for one of our clients, global industrial distribution company, Thorne & Derrick.

Chris Dodds, Thorne & Derrick’s Sales and Marketing Manager said:

“We recently switched to Urban River following ever declining open rates and consequently escalating cost per click of e-campaigns with our previous agency. Urban River built a snazzy suite of email templates; client editable, simple to use with enabled video embeds and a responsive design for perfect rendering whether via mobile, desktop or tablet.

End result: sky-rocketing open rates, lead generation and sales conversions effectively neutralising the cost of our email marketing campaigns”.

Top ‘Knockout’ Email Marketing Tips

Here are our top 5 secrets for success to create engaging e-marketing campaigns which generates knockout results and get your open rates increasing (not your heart rate)!

  • Create an engaging title – whether this means personalising the title of the campaign with the recipients first name, or posing a question to the reader, thinking of an engaging title is usually the last thing to write, but the first thing that determines the success of this campaign. We suggest filling your e-newsletter with content and then think of an engaging and emotive title which encourages the reader to open the email.
  • Make the move to mobile – According to research from 66% of all emails are now opened on a mobile device or tablet – that’s 2/3 of all emails! To make sure your e-newsletter/campaign is ready for this onward trend, ensure your content is fully responsive across all devices. Test send across your business to make sure it looks just as effective on your company mobile and iPad as well as desktops. We create beautifully designed, fully responsive websites and email templates for all of our clients – taking the hard work out of the process.responsive-web-design
  • Timing IS everything – Have you ever received a marketing email at 6am on a Saturday morning or 10pm on a weeknight and instantly hit ‘delete’ because of the sheer inconvenience? Timing is key to the success of your campaign’s open rates. Make sure you research who your readers are and how likely they are to open your email. If it’s a B2B newsletter, Tuesday-Thursday between 11am-1pm is usually a good time to grab their attention (lunch hour), whereas a B2C newsletter usually receives more open rates after 6pm on a weeknight (home time). A little common sense on timing goes a long
  • Develop consistency and loyalty – Whatever your aims as a business, you need to build customer and brand loyalty, so make sure your e-newsletter and campaigns matches the style and tone of voice of your other marketing materials. For example, if your company website design is bright, vibrant and informal, ensure that your e-newsletter reflects this and isn’t too dark or overly formal. This will help to give your brand a clear identity and increase customer loyalty.
  • Measure your marketing – This is the factor that most companies struggle with. It’s so important to measure how successful your marketing campaign was. This can be done by measuring click through rates, open rates and conversion rates. Monitoring these analytics will help you evaluate what’s working, what’s not and how you can change your email marketing strategy going forward.urban-river-branding


A typical open rate for a standard email campaign is around 8%, whereas our clients often receive open rates of 50% or higher! We’d love to help skyrocket your next campaign. If you’d like us to come up with bespoke e-marketing ideas for your company and offer you some open rate SOS, give us a call today on 0191 4235688.


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