Urban River’s Top Techie Christmas Gifts for 2015

Published: December 2015

Be it for a geeky guy or girl – techies are notoriously hard to buy for at Christmas. To prevent you from the shrugs of indifference on Christmas morning, the Urban River team have come up with our ‘must have’ techie Christmas gifts, guaranteed to put a smile on the most hardened of nerdy faces.

Smarter Coffee Wi-Fi Coffee Machine –

Wi-Fi Coffee MachineWhatever happened to the Teasmaid? For those old enough to remember, there was a time when one could be found in every room, in every B&B in the land. For those too young that can’t, ‘Google it’. Well now we have the 21st century example. From bean to cup, you can now brew your coffee just how you like it, from your smart phone or tablet.

In a modern world where 49% of people read their emails immediately after they wake up, they can now make the coffee without even leaving the bed. This’ll save valuable extra minutes to check their village on Clash of Clans.

Star Wars: BB-8Interactive Robotic Droid –

BB-8 Star Wars Droid

Did you know the new Star Wars movie is out on the 17th of December? Well if you didn’t your techie friend is sure to. This year’s must have gift is the BB-8 android from The Force Awakens.

Far more than just a remote control car, this R2-D2 on steroids can move in any direction at cracking speed. It also interacts with games on your tablet and smart phone, really allowing the techie in your life to get their geek on. It might not be able to make the kessel run in 12 parsecs, but its rechargeable battery gives plenty of play time.

Smartphone Controlled Paper Aeroplane –

Drone Paper Aeroplane

Remote control helicopters are so last year. Whether you’re a Maverick or a Goose, what better way is there to get your techie out into the sunlight over Christmas? Far away from the pc-based flight simulators of old you can now feel the ‘need for speed’ from your smart phone.

Bluetooth controlled, this little gem can fly for 20 minutes on a 10 minute USB charge. It also comes with 3 regular and 1 waterproof template, perfect for dealing with British winter.

USB Rechargeable AA Batteries –

USB AA Batteries

Like most people, I’m sure we’ve all got that one drawer in the house full of batteries of different sizes and indeterminate life. To help your techie do their bit for the environment and power their games controller, wireless mouse or digital camera, these will last longer than a Duracell bunny.

Charging directly from any USB port these are perfect for home or office use. A few minutes top up can provide several hours of use.

Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus –

Sensu Brush and Stylus

Michelangelo is probably turning in his grave, but for the creative techies out there, digital painting has become an art form all of its own. This brush, suitable for iPad or Android tablet, aims to make things just a touch more authentic. It also has a second standard stylus built in for when you don’t need to use the brush.

OSVR Virtual Reality Headset –

OSVR Virtual Reality Headset

All techies will tell you that VR or Virtual Reality gaming is the future. At the high end of tech chic the Razor OSVR not only allows you to play PC based games already created, but for the real geek edge its opens source software allows you to develop your own games. For the gamer who has everything, this is certainly going to give you that Christmas morning wow factor.


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