Viral Marketing Campaigns

Published: January 2013

Viral marketing is basically an idea that spreads which helps market your business as it continues to spread. There are various mediums you can utilise to create a successful viral marketing campaign and the best campaigns are the ones that have a running theme that is promoted throughout the business and materials such as websites, brochures, social media, e-marketing etc. A viral message should create a reaction, make you think, feel, laugh and engage with you in that certain way that you will want to pass on to others. A great medium to utilise for viral marketing is a video. The video should be based around an engaging, short and snappy concept with that certain special something to capture the audiences’ attention. From this, interaction and engaging on social networks is a must to promote the message. Take a look through some of the best videos to set that viral ball rolling in our opinion!

Johnson Automotive based in North Carolina created a character based on their simple message – great deals, great service, no badgers.

John Lewis are fantastic at creating a stylish and touching message combined with a great soundtrack to give you that little warm fuzzy feeling inside.


Compare the Market have been succeeded by their Compare the Meerkat alter ego. Over the years the characters have been developed into a full family range where you can log online to see where they’ve been on holiday to and even purchase one of the cuddly toys themselves.


This ad by Dove entitled “Evolution” was one of the first of a series of self-esteem related ads released to the Internet. The short 75-second clip generated more than 12,000,000 views within the first year.

Aimed at female buyers, when this fun and humorous campaign launched Old Spice Bodywash sales went up by 107 percent.


The anticipation says it all. A lot of people liked this but didn’t know why.

Lynx realise their target market are primarily male teenagers and always have the same running theme throughout their website. The message is simple – when you use Lynx, beautiful girls are naturally drawn to you.


A bit different to the others, this is a video capturing the audiences reaction to a concept to get people talking. A 14-foot vending machine, aimed at promoting tourism in British Columbia, gave out presents including bikes, surf boards and canoes to passers by in San Fransisco as part of a marketing campaign.

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